Memorials & Funerals

As members of the United Church of Canada, we affirm that:
“We are not alone,
We live in God’s world…
In life, in death, in life beyond death,
God is with us.”

Prairie Spirit United Church is here to support you in honouring the death of your loved one. Our staff will provide pastoral care as well as memorial or funeral services, regardless of the deceased person’s formal relationship (membership) with the congregation. Services are reverent, uplifting celebrations of the individual’s life. Empowered by our faith in the promise of resurrection, the Church confronts the pain of death, consoles the bereaved, and offers thanks for the gifts of life. We do grieve, but we do not grieve as a people without hope. Instead, we meet death directly, seeing it in the context of our Easter faith. It is our hope you will find comfort, friendship and encouragement in our community of faith.

We hope the following information will be helpful as you plan your loved one’s service.

Service Space
Our sanctuary has the capacity to hold a wide range of groups with seating up to 460 people. Alternate settings are the chapel and the Narthex with seating between 30 to 50 people.

It is our policy that our minister will preside at any Christian funeral or memorial service conducted in our church. Other faith leaders may be invited to participate in the worship (upon agreement by our minister) knowing that not all family members may be of our church, our denomination or our faith.

Remembrance of Life
There will be opportunity in the service to remember and give thanks for the life of the deceased. If a family member or friend wishes to speak, we would welcome their participation. Our minister will provide helpful guidance as to content and appropriate length. If there is no family member or friend whom you would invite, our minister will seek your help in gathering pertinent information to weave throughout a meditation.

Music is an integral part of our service and we believe hymns of faith bring strength and confidence to a grieving community. We recognize that along with hymns, there may be secular music that has significance for the family that may also be used, in consultation with the music director.

It is our expectation that our music director will be playing for your service. In the event the music director is unavailable then he/she shall arrange for an alternate.

Should you wish to have someone other than our own musician play for your service, (family friend or relative), consultation with the music director is required.

Many times family may choose to invite someone to participate in the service by singing or playing a musical instrument. We celebrate the significance of such gifts. Again, all musical selections require approval of our music director. Any fee associated with this will be your responsibility

Funeral Co-ordinator
To assist you at this time, we have a funeral co-ordinator whose role is to act as liaison between the family and the church.

Video / Live Stream
Video tributes have become a common aid in the remembering of the life of your loved one. The content and the length need to be appropriate to the service. In consultation with our minister, the form of worship and the family’s desires will be met.

Live streaming is available, it does however require adequate advance notice.

Memorial Garden
Prairie Spirit United Church offers a memorial garden where ashes may be scattered, in consultation with the minister. There is a one-time fee for garden maintenance.

Many families choose to provide a reception and an opportunity to connect with family and friends following the service.  Upon request and availability of volunteers, the church will provide and serve coffee, tea and a cold drink, set up tables and chairs, serve plated food provided by the family as well as clean up.

It is the practice of our church community to have no set fee for the use of the church sanctuary.

**  Minister — $250 for full service and interment
                        $100 for interment only
**  Music director — $200
** Sound Tech — $66

PowerPoint and Sound – $100
    Livestream — $350 (includes digital copy)
** Caretaker — $90
** Funeral Coordinator — $75

** Use of the Lower hall — $150

Reception in the lower hall and Narthex —
$1.00 per person with a minimum charge of $100 and a maximum charge of $250.

** Basic costs which are required in order to conduct a funeral service.

Please make separate cheques payable to the minister and music director. The rest of the fees are paid with one cheque made payable to Prairie Spirit United Church. If you prefer, you can send an e-transfer to  You will need to create a security question in the message box. Please indicate for which funeral the funds are designated.

Please feel free to discuss any questions that might arise with the minister.