About Us

Prairie Spirit United Church is a newly amalgamated community of faith in St. James, a suburb in the city of Winnipeg.

Our Mission Statement
Prairie Spirit United Church is an inclusive community of faith, walking the path of Jesus as we worship God. We do this by engaging with our community, by offering our gifts to aid where we can, and by telling our faith stories to all generations.

Prairie Spirit Banner
Dedicated on Sunday, October 6, 2019, the first anniversary of our amalgamated congregation, the Prairie Spirit Banner hangs in the sanctuary as a representation of the name of our church. As the Banner was dedicated, the following description of it was read: 

Today we dedicate the banner which was created as a representation of the name of our church. Prairie Spirit United Church sits on Treaty 1 land; the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree and Dakota peoples and in the heart of the Metis Nation. At one time this area was part of the open prairie. Our landscape quilt is representative of this prairie land that we occupy and the roots that we hold dear as flatlanders. Many of us can reminisce about times spent growing up on farms in the middle of the prairie or visiting relatives who lived beyond the city. These are all special memories. As prairie people, these roots and memories run deep and they are where we find the spirit of God.

As we sit in the pews today, the word “prairie” brings to mind beautiful fields of grain swaying in the breezes, of lazy rivers snaking their way through the land, of quiet and awe-inspiring sun rises and sunsets that bring a close to our days with rich colours of orange, red, pink and purple. We also think of the skies when it comes to our weather patterns. In our landscape quilt, three white clouds are moving together representative of the three congregations coming together. Skies depict so many emotions: sunny blue ones and gray heavy ones threatening snow or a summer rain storm.

Prairie is a word that invokes solitude, silence, quiet comfort for us as a people. It is a word that invites the spirit to be a part of our lives as we contemplate our personal lives and the lives of those no longer with us, those living in distant lands and the generations to come who will inherit this land. We give thanks for the prairie and all the beauty it gives us, but also the calmness that it brings to mind as we find sanctuary in our church as we worship God.