The church’s understanding of marriage celebrates God’s continuing love and goodness in this primary intimate relationship.

The United Church of Canada has adopted the following affirmations about legal marriage:

We affirm that marriage is a gift of God through which Christians make a covenant with one another and with God.

We affirm that in Christian marriage two people, regardless of age, culture, gender, race, or sexual orientation, give themselves to each other in the full intention of a lifelong commitment.

We affirm that this unity is a creation of God and is greater than the two individuals.

Furthermore, we believe that love and faith nurtured within a church community can enrich the joy of your wedding celebration and be a source of additional support to you throughout your married life.


We welcome your inquiry about being married in our church and are glad to offer you some information for your planning. We hope that you will also make an appointment to meet with our Minister to seek additional information.

Weddings may take place in the church building or in another location, provided the setting can serve as a worshipful one.

The Minister is the official representative of the Church and also acts on behalf of the civil state. The gathered community is actively involved as worshippers and witnesses. In language, symbolic acts and other elements appropriate to a joyful faith-celebration, the service seeks to honour the equality and mutuality of the relationship that is intended to be life-long.

It is important for both of you to talk openly with each other about your reasons or hopes for being married within this church and our particular faith tradition.  Hopefully, in your sharing of intentions, you feel the resolve to be married in our church with integrity and joy, as you seek God’s blessing for your life together.


It is our expectation that the Minister of Prairie Spirit United Church will officiate at your wedding. Should you wish another Minister to assist or officiate, please make your wishes known, in advance, to our Minister.

Couples should contact the Minister prior to confirming any wedding date at this church, and further appointments would be made to plan the wedding service. A deposit of $100 (payable to Prairie Spirit United Church) is required to confirm the date on our calendar.


It is our expectation that our Music Director will be playing for your service. In the event she/he is unavailable we shall arrange for an alternate (our fees will apply).

In the event you wish to have someone other than our own musician play for your service (family, friend or relative) consultation with the music director is required.


We recognize music is an integral part of a wedding service.  We are open to considering a variety of selections and music styles.

We also accept the use of recorded music.

However, all music selections require the agreement of our Minister. Music selection and other instrumentation must be approved well ahead of time.

Please plan to contact the church office at 204-832-1000 to make arrangements for our Music Director to contact you about plans for service music.


Many times couples will invite someone to participate in their service by singing or playing an instrument during the signing of the register, or at another point in the worship service. We celebrate the significance of such gifts.  Again, all musical selections, require the agreement of our minister(s). All fees associated with this gift are your responsibility.


Photographers may take pictures in the sanctuary during the wedding processional and recessional, but normally not during the service when it would be distracting. We hope you will encourage your guests to respect this policy too.  There can be an opportunity to “stage” photos following the service.


If you wish to have your wedding video-taped, a camera may be set up prior to the service in a designated place, using only the natural and available church lighting. Please discuss your photography arrangements when you meet with the minister to plan your service.


A rehearsal is usually held prior to your wedding, as arranged by the officiating minister and couple. All participants in the service should be present to give everyone an opportunity to become familiar with the proceedings and space, etc.


We welcome a reasonable amount of decoration in the church for your wedding. This includes the use of flowers, pew markers, candles and other symbolic articles. Decoration is the responsibility of the couple. This includes removal of the decorations following the ceremony.

No decoration may be used that requires alterations to the Church space or its furnishings, including the use of nails or thumbtacks. Any pew decorations should be attachable with ribbon or string rather than tape.

Also, seasonal decoration by the Church is not to be disturbed if your wedding is held at such times.

Take note:

No confetti, rice, or flower petals should be thrown in or around the church.

Wedding Coordinator:

To assist you at this time, we have a wedding coordinator whose role is to act as liaison between the family and the church for services with over 50 in attendance.

We certainly hope that all your wedding preparations go well, and that it is a truly joyful celebration for you and for those you love.


** Fee schedule coming soon.


Please make separate cheques payable to the minister and music director. The rest of the fees are paid with one cheque made payable to Prairie Spirit United Church on or before the day of the service.

If you prefer you can send an e-transfer to Please indicate for which wedding the funds are designated.

Please feel free to discuss any questions that might arise with the Minister.