In the United Church of Canada, confirmation means the “confirming” of baptismal vows, which were taken earlier, usually when a person was an infant or a child. Participants who are not yet baptized are also welcome in a confirmation group. Baptism is included prior to the act of confirmation for them.

Confirmation involves exploring, affirming, and claiming the Christian faith as one’s own, in a journey that is both individual and part of a group. The program may, or may not, lead a participant to choose confirmation.

Confirmation is a time when we publicly declare our intention to live in Christ and practice our faith within the life and fellowship of the church. This means that youth who have been confirmed have the same right and responsibility to vote in matters like any other members of the congregation. Confirmation signifies full membership in the congregation and the United Church of Canada.

Confirmation classes for both youth and adults are held as need arises.