Our building is used weekly and regularly by many outside groups as well as for ministry activities.

Our building was significantly renovated after a fire in 1992 which destroyed most of the building. An old section of the building was saved and a new building was added on. The significant renovations brought the church up to code with all areas being accessible including an elevator to the lower area.

In the renovated older section, there are two private offices with large windows plus a large general office area and a storage room. The office has a photocopier/printer, high speed internet with an internal LAN and Wi-Fi available in most parts of the building.

The Sanctuary holds comfortable seating for 460 people. It has excellent acoustics as it was designed for choral music. It is equipped with a computer (able to do live-streaming), projector and large retracting screen, 12 channel digital sound board, Wi-Fi, FM assisted hearing system, pipe augmented electronic organ and grand piano.

Main Floor Rooms
On the main floor we have a meeting room, library and lounge.

The Chapel off the sanctuary provides a quiet, secluded setting for smaller groups up to 25 people.

The Narthex is a place for meeting and mingling before or after worship. A small kitchen facility makes it an ideal place to prepare and serve refreshments. There is a large coat storage area and immediate access to accessible washrooms.

Rainbow Room
The Rainbow Room, located on the lower level, has a seating capacity for 250 people with a large adjoining kitchen suitable for catered meals and serving preparation (equipped with a commercial dishwasher). Coat racks and washrooms are in the adjacent hallway.

Sturgeon Room
The Sturgeon Room, located on the lower level, provides a more intimate setting for groups of 50 to 75 people.

Sunrise Room
On the main level, the Sunrise Room is a popular bright meeting room with modest kitchen facilities. It is used as a staff lounge when not otherwise used.

Cavalier Room
On the lower level, the Cavalier Room is a meeting space for up to 40 people with adjoining washrooms and a minimal kitchen.

Our building is accessible with six handicapped spaces for parking and a handicapped ramp on the south side. The west side main doors are ground level with a handicapped powered access door button. There are accessible washroom stalls in each of the main floor men’s and women’s washrooms and a fully accessible elevator to the lower level. The church also has off-street parking for 80 vehicles.

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