Theological Banquet – July 28, 2020 – Congregant Contributor

(Excerpts from workshops with Rev. Janet Gear, Vancouver School of Theology)

Theological streams guide our hopes and dreams, our expectations of “church”, and understanding who we are as individuals and collectively as a community of faith.

God connects each of us in unique ways. We search for words and images to speak about our profound experience – that’s “theologies” – that’s the Theological Banquet.

Which of the five theological streams fits for me, and which ones do I encounter in my community of faith?

1. Evangelical – biblical tradition – lived by faith
Goal – share Jesus with others (joyful, passionate, urgency, eager to share the good news)
Gift – of scripture – of spirit

2. Ecclesial – come together to learn about God
Goal – worship at church (sharing ideas, stories, music, nurturing)
Gift – the gathering, quality time together

3. Missional – faith is about service – outreach – go where the need is
Goal – meeting needs of people where they are – even within our church group, in the streets, the thirsty, the hungry
Gift – acts of service – connect, one to another, and to God

4. Ecumenical – being engaged for social change
Goal – public theology, social change, transform the world
Gift – engagement

5. Spiritual/Contemplative – loving the sacred pause, mystical
Goal – open to silence, be quiet and listen to God, open my life to holiness and wisdom, welcome the pause
Gift – contemplation is the heart of the spiritual gathering
“Be still, and know that I am God”

Which stream do I flow in… one… or several?

We welcome, acknowledge, and honour the diversity which graces our community of faith at Prairie Spirit United Church.