Today’s Thought – June 27, 2020 by Rev. Ken DeLisle

I have a routine for mornings, to help me wake up and get started.

Among those morning actions is my To Do list. My priorities for the day and coming weeks get listed to remind me of what’s coming up and what is due.

Most of it is meetings and appointments and occasionally something for the house or dates out with friends.

What is NOT on that list is prayers, good deeds, and time with the Holy One that I call God. Granted I have 2 daily reflections I read and writing this short reflection (which will end in a few days). But then, it feels like and looks like, I have done my time with God and I can forget about it until tomorrow.

But can we forget about God or God’s message as we move on through the day? Of course not. And I hope we don’t. God guides us in choices and actions throughout the list of today’s priorities.

My faith colours what committees I join and what work I do for them and for the world. My faith colours my interactions with others, including those who don’t keep a safe distance. My faith colours what I do when I have free time and what I choose to read at the moment – newspaper, emails, fiction or faith novels.

My priority, and yours, whether listed or not, is to be in loving relationship with God and with each other.

That’s what the video is about – being in loving relationship with each other and with those who are not seen as equal or worth our attention. We need to listen to the stories and tears of our siblings and offer compassion in any form we can. 

Today, prioritize love and listening to others.