Today’s Thought – June 26, 2020 by Rev. Ken DeLisle

“Careful the things you say,

Children will listen.” from Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim

The Norval reflection asks how we get along with each other. It’s much like love your neighbour as yourself. I wrote about that earlier.

Today, those words from Into the Woods popped into my head. I said, previously, we don’t love ourselves so we do love our neighbours as we love ourselves. And that is not good.

I said we compare ourselves to others and when we say, “I am better than…”, we start to discriminate and the rest is our history.

But it also occurred to me today that when parents say, “Why can’t you be more like…”, also starts that us and them feeling. “They” are better than you. You can still be loved by your parents, but we have now started a division, a frustration that can grow into hate and we are back to discrimination.

Love one another. And it isn’t easy.

But what a joy when people of all cultures and skin colours and religious beliefs can get together and laugh at the same comic; sing the same song; enjoy the same fair and can banquet together with the world’s foods.

That is what God/Spirit/Creator/Holy One/Allah/, etc., wants of us. It is our call.

So, be careful what you say. It can change the world.