Today’s Thought – June 25, 2020 by Rev. Ken DeLisle

Let go and let God. Famous words that are easy to say and that contain great truth.

So why is it, sometimes, so hard to do?

Last week, I was relaxing watching some TV. I had a meeting in the morning and nothing scheduled until a meeting at 5:00. So I thought.

At 3:00 I got a call asking about a meeting that day at 4:30 for a committee I chair! What! I panicked and started to hyperventilate as I tried to think about what to do! I got the Zoom meeting set up, did an agenda and contacted the other group to say I’d be joining them late. I was tense, stressed and not pleasant to be around. And yet, all was done within 30 minutes! Why the panic?

If I had stopped, breathed, slowed my heartbeat and planned, it would all have gotten done without the hysterics. I didn’t let go and let God lead me.

Yes, there are things to worry and pray about – missing loved ones, bills months overdue or fevers that won’t break.

But so much of our stress is needless. What to serve for dinner guests; what to wear to that special occasion; running out of yeast; or missing an episode of your favourite show are not deal breakers.

Let go.

Let God in and live.

We might be grass, but grass can be beautiful, purposeful and a great place for rolling in or sitting on for picnics.

Be what God called you to be. And when you think you can’t, breathe and let go and let God.

And look at the cotton candy clouds.