Today’s Thought – June 23, 2020 by Rev. Ken DeLisle

Grace – isn’t it amazing!?

And just what is grace? When I was minister at Winnipeg Church of the Deaf, I had an interpreter with me for 2 years to help me with the language. I clearly remember one Sunday when my reflection was on grace. She asked me that question — what did I mean by grace? I was a little taken aback and asked her why. There were several signs for grace depending what I meant.

There was forgiveness, compassion, love, gratitude (grace at meals) or support. Each had a different sign so I had to think about which one I wanted to use.

What is grace to you? Do you need a specific kind of grace today? What makes grace amazing to you?

God offers it all. There’s a buffet of grace, ready for all of us to help ourselves. Not sure which one — take a sample of something new or try a little of each. There is plenty to receive and more to give.

Here’s a more difficult question, I think. When did you last offer grace to someone else?

Was it in the form of forgiveness, compassion, love, gratitude or support? 

Why not try it today!? Give grace, in whatever form, to those you meet today. And God can refill you immediately so that you can give it away again. And again. And again.