Today’s Thought – June 22, 2020 by Rev. Ken DeLisle

Summertime and all is well.

I hope that is true for all of you. If it is not, I wish you sunshine and wellness soon.

Today’s reflection is about the change in season and the hope summer brings. It’s also about beautiful things God has created.

This is the time of year when many us enter into that world of beauty. Spring is new life, summer is that new life at its best, fall is watching that new life preparing for rest and winter is beauty asleep. It waits for kiss of spring.

Today, I am surrounded by beautiful things that have nothing to do with summer. It has to do with yesterday.

I have 3 Father’s Day cards from former foster children and small gifts of love. I have memories of a BBQ with my favourite foods and laughter at the table. And we all stayed up late to watch a movie I wanted to see.

Beautiful things to hold on to.

And, strangely, my sister chose yesterday to send a photo of my parents’ gravestones. Mother’s was completed and in place. And that picture reminded me of so much love from them. And that was a beautiful thing to remember as well.

Find your beautiful thing. It can be in your yard, your home, or your heart. God had a hand in it.

Treasure it as Mary treasured those things in her heart.

Be blessed with beauty.