Portage Avenue Food Bank – April 10, 2020 Update

The Portage Avenue Food Bank continues to operate during this COVID-19 pandemic. Winnipeg Harvest has adapted the way they are operating in this time of crisis and increased need. They send the food in hampers that we just need to distribute. The following is an example of how they prepare these hampers:
● 1 box of non-perishables (what has been in the red and black taped bags)
● 1 green taped bag (potatoes, onions and another perishable item)
● 1 white bag (other frozen or perishable items) – this bag is depending on stock
● 1-3 loaves of baked products (depending on stock)
● Other side items (depending on stock – like milk, other vegetables)
● Milk, baby formula, baby food as requested.

Winnipeg Harvest has been deemed an essential service and therefore continues to operate. Prairie Spirit United Church had their last food bank on March 27 with the new system of food distribution. Our next food bank will be on April 24 due to Winnipeg Harvest’s closure April 10 which would have been the next one on our schedule. However, due to volume buying the public engaged in at the beginning of this pandemic, the supplies are reduced and thus much less availability for Winnipeg Harvest. The following poster is an appeal from Winnipeg Harvest at this time.