The Work of the People – Films and Visual Liturgy

Praise Song for the Pandemic is written and read by Christine Valters Paintner from Abbey of the Arts. Music by Giants and Pilgrims.

A Series & A Few Films to Stream for Free

The Four Gospel Journey – How do we face change? How do we move through suffering? How do we receive joy? How do we mature in service? Spend some time with Alexander J Shaia as he uses the great map of the four Gospels, just as the Christians used, to guide us on the Christ journey – one of love, growth and transformation. Stream on TWOTP HERE. We’ll also be releasing the film series on our facebook page if you want to share it with folks that way.

A Contemplative Momen– Barbara A. Holmes on how contemplative prayer births prophetic proclamation and action. Hear what you are unwilling to hear. Don’t be afraid. The peace will hold you. STREAM HERE.

The Gift of Faith – James Alison on allowing God’s liking us to reach the place we find it impossible to like ourselves. STREAM HERE.

Love Distorted – Grace Ji-Sun Kim on the systems created by whiteness, patriarchy, and the imagination of conquest that lead to death. STREAM HERE.

The Universal Christ – Christ is not Jesus’ last name. Richard Rohr on recapturing Christ’s cosmic dimension. Become the mystery. STREAM HERE.

Smashing Idols through Pain – Can you trust that what comes into your life is for you? Barbara Brown Taylor on breathing in pain. STREAM HERE.

A God-Oriented Heart – Does God ever seem like an anal theology professor on steroids interested only in one thing – If you are believing in the rights things? Greg Boyd used to think that but, now he finds the Cross to be bigger than that. God’s invitation is into a relationship, not a belief necessarily. What ultimately decides the fate of people is not the content of their brain, but the orientation of our heart. Do we have a God-oriented heart or a self-oriented heart? STREAM HERE.

And Your Will Be Done – Who’s really asleep in the boat in the Gospel of Mark? Thoughts from Alexander J. Shaia on God’s presence amidst the darker times we face or are facing in our lives. STREAM HERE


A Few Highlighted Pieces to Consider 
// MAUNDY THURSDAY //Table Ethics  – Diana Butler Bass on gratitude and gifts, and the ethics that flow from living in giftedness. Jesus set a table of gifts. Scarcity is not the reality of the universe, abundance is STREAM HERE.

Stranger – A visual liturgy pice inspired by Romans 12, “If your enemies are hungry, feed them. If your enemies are thirsty, give them something to drink. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” STREAM HERE.

Story Like This – Willingness to be human, to be water embodied in earth, woman at the well/owning who we are…Music by Shellee Layne Coley and poem by Kelly Ann Hall. The visual liturgy piece can be STREAMED HERE.

Holy Communion – Don’t be afraid of the dark. The visual liturgy piece can be STREAMED HERE.
Being the Resurrection – Lent, Holy Week, and Easter thoughts from Alexander J. Shaia. STREAM HERE.

A Death to Awaken – Written by Kelly Stewart Hall, and Inspired by John of the Cross’ Dark Night of the Soul. STREAM HERE.

The Dunghill – Malcolm Guite offers up two of his most comforting sonnets and discusses the hope of the Gospel – we are never alone. STREAM HERE.

From the Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark series, the films You Have Forsaken Meand Dayspring of Life,  andNow and at the Hour of Our Death would all serve well.

Learning to Grieve – Suzanne Stabile on learning to die. Don’t cover death. Learn to make space and grace for grieving. STREM HERE.

Only Just Begun – Willingness to be in communion, to wander towards blessing, to continue to learn…valley walking…Music by Shellee Layne Colley and poem by Kelly Ann Hall.

// EASTER //
Reformulating All Possibilities – Thoughts from a few theologians, authors and practitioners on Jesus and the Cross. STREAM HERE.

Oh Radiant Light – This acclamation/invocation, written by BY Chris Neufeld-Erdman, draws on themes found in the Gospel of Thomas, Meister Eckhart, Hildegard von Bingen, Teilhard de Chardin, and Thomas Berry. STREAM HERE.

Mourning to Morning– Willingness to be forgiven, to be brought breath, to live…Music by Shelle Layne Coley and poem by Kelly Ann Hall. STREAM HERE.

In You Alone – A visual benediction. Music by HERE.

No Trace of Death – James Alison on God, death, creation, resurrection, and how impossibility is ruptured. STREAM HERE.

But Not Held – Christ is risen! A prayer by Walter Brueggemann. STREAM HERE

Embracing the Cross – Richard Rohr on the meaning of the cross. STREAM HERE. Also, another one with Richard n the cross HERE called The Human One.

The Antidote – Nadia Bolz-Weber on grace, forgiveness and the Cross. STREAM HERE