Essential Needs in this time of COVID-19

The community ministries and Portage Avenue Food Bank (PAFB) have dramatically changed and so have their needs. The number of individuals needing assistance has not dropped and maybe will increase. The drop-ins have changed to primarily giving bagged lunches to their clients. PAFB is also serving their clients in pre-packaged hampers with minimal contact. However, the need for food has not changed. Prairie Spirit will place receptacles for the Emergency Food Cupboard at St. Matthews-Maryland Community Ministry and also for Portage Avenue Food Bank inside the south parking lot entrance.

Required items are as follows:
● Dry pasta
● Rice
● Pasta sauce
● Peanut Butter (500 g – 1 kg)
● Cans of soup (large & small)
● Cereal (350 – 450 g)
● Instant oatmeal packages
● Chef Boyardee (large & small)
● Sidekicks
● Cookies and snacks for kids
● Chili and beans in tomato sauce

Donations are most helpful for the community ministries and PAFB. The following are ways to donate:

The following are ways to donate:


If you’d like your contribution to be directed to a specific program or one of the member charities such as Just a Warm Sleep, St. Matthews-Maryland Community Ministry, West Broadway Community Ministry, or Oak Table, please indicate this in the message field.

Or by cheque to:
109 Pulford St.
Winnipeg, MB R3L 1X8

Portage Avenue Food Bank
Please select “Food Bank” from the drop-down menu.

Or by cheque to: Prairie Spirit United Church with attention for PAFB or Portage Avenue Food Bank.

Thank you in advance for your assistance at this difficult time.